A Digital Wellness Platform to help those with NAFLD with or without concurrent Metabolic Syndrome

Packages and Services

We know everyone's wellness journey is different. Therefore, we've created a variety of packages and services to meet anyone where you are!  

Wellness Program

The NovoLiver Wellness Program is a comprehensive program designed to provide you with all the tools, strategies and support you need to be successful, within all four pillars.


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1:1 Session with a FUEL Coach

Dial in your diet with a NovoLiver FUEL coach.  

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Personalized Meal Plans

Save time with a NovoLiver personalized meal plan (includes weekly grocery lists).  



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Personalized Fitness Plan

Want to get into a fitness routine but have no idea where to start? Our certified personal trainers can build a workout tailored to your schedule, equipment and level of fitness.



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E-Book: Reversing NAFLD at Home

The most natural way of healing NAFLD is to systematically work on four pillars: FUEL (nutrition), BODY (exercise and movement), SLEEP (quality and quantity), and MIND (mind management). This E-book will help you understand the condition better and delve into NovoLiver’s 4 Pillar Method to reverse fatty liver.


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E-Book: Tune-in

Ever wonder why you have the best of intentions to eat right and eat healthy but it doesn't always happen despite your knowledge and or best efforts? Learn how to "tune-in" so you can crush your wellness goals.



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FREE 7-Day Wellness Accelerator

Receive a 5-15 minute educational video daily, for 7-days. Within each video learn steps you can take TODAY to jump start your wellness journey.  



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