A Digital Wellness Platform to help those with NAFLD with or without concurrent Metabolic Syndrome

Our Outcomes

How Are We Unique?

We are laser focused on:

  • NAFLD and concurrent Metabolic Syndrome
  • Improving our member's wellness at the root cause, not just placing a band-aid on it
  • Medical Metrics 
    • FibroScans
    • Hemoglobin A1C
    • Triglycerides
    • LDL Cholesterol 
    • Medications for GERD, Diabetes, Hypertension and Hyperlipidemia
    • Changes in CPAP settings 
    • Quality of Life
  • Digital Monitoring/Machine Learning
  • Life Preservation-preventing premature death via disease reversal  

Our focus is NOT on aesthetics

Our Outcomes

NAFLD Improvement

FibroScan: a special ultrasound test that determines:

Steatosis (the amount of fat in the liver), shown as "S" score, range 0-3, 3 being severe

Fibrosis (scare tissue), shown as a F score, range 0-4, 4 being severe)

NAFLD Improvement

 Our member had a score of S3 and F0-1 prior to starting the NovoLiver program; four months later, she had a score of S0 and F0-1 meaning her liver fat had disappeared. 


NAFLD Improvement

Our member had a score of S3 and F2 prior to starting the NovoLiver program; nine months later, she had a score of S1 and F0-1 meaning her liver fat had decreased and scarring had improved significantly.

Average Weight Loss of a Member in the Program for Three Months or Longer:


As of November 2022

Dempgraphics by NovoLiver

We're also tracking...

In addition to percentage body weight loss, we are tracking app utilization, support group attendance, changes in quality of life scores via a Short Form-12 (SF12), BMI, changes in anthropometric measurements [waist-to-hip, chest, triceps, quadriceps], changes in non-invasive testing parameters [imaging that captures steatosis & fibrosis levels, plus lab-based scoring systems like Hepatic Steatosis Index (HSI) and Fibrosis 4 Score (FIB-4)]. We are also tracking changes in medications for associated chronic conditions and mitigation of symptoms and signs of such conditions.

Proof of Concept Peer Reviewed Publications

  • White Paper AGA POWER-Practice Guide on Obesity and Weight Management, Education and Resources (click here to review article)
  • Establishing an Effective Weight Loss Program in a Community-Based Gastroenterology Practice: The Huron Gastro Experience (click here to review article)
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  • Improvement of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease through a Comprehensive Weight Loss Program in a Community Gastroenterology Practice  (click here to review article)
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