Corporate Programs

In the remote and hybrid workplace setting people experience social isolation and physical decline.

Employers can play a major role in improving the health and mental wellbeing of their employees.

NovoLiver is a wellness program that is fully focused on reversing NAFLD. It has proven results not only on NAFLD, but on improving may other conditions including diabetes, hypertension, PCOD and other health conditions.

We are grounded in science and follow medical metrics to document improvement in metabolic parameters and imaging.

We reverse disease by improving nutrition, sleep, stress and exercise. We call this the 4 pillar method. A digital platform is used to gather data, schedule classes, and track participation.

As a result, employee satisfaction and productivity will measurably increase.

Healthcare utilization and costs will decrease.

4 Month Immersive Programs

Additional Services

Journey to Good Health

1 Hour sessions
Orientation session
Science session
2 Nutrition sessions
2 Mindfulness sessions
1 Sleep session

Add-on body classes

Health is a Balance

Exclusive for your organization
4 Masterclasses:
Mind Fuel
Body Sleep
1.5 hour sessions each


NovoLiver eBook

Deep Dive into Health

Exclusive for your organization
4 Masterclasses
Topic of your choice
Mind Fuel
Body Sleep
1.5 hour sessions each

Understanding Health

Exclusive for your organization
Organizational Assessment
Disease Education Seminars
1.5 hour sessions each


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