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Healthy Automatic Behaviors to Tackle Steatosis

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H.A.B.I.T.S. is our signature group-based program for those looking to reverse NAFLD and regain their freedom without depending on will power.

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Zach G.

Not only have I managed to shed unwanted pounds and reach my weight loss goals, but I have also noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels, mental clarity, and overall well-being.


"I haven’t had this type of support before, despite doing Jenny Craig, multiple times with Weight Watchers, etc. "

Kris B.

I loved this program. It changed my life at a time when I really needed it. I would recommend it to anyone, and honestly I really miss it! 

More About NovoLiver's H.A.B.I.T.S. Program

  • The H.A.B.I.T.S. Program is a digitally enabled fatty liver reversal program.
  • It is directed by physicians, addresses all 4 pillars, tracks progress digitally, and has an overarching concrete clinical goal (reversal of NAFLD) 
  • This goal can be easily quantified prior to, during, and post-intervention using non-invasive technology readily available in most outpatient settings 
  • The app has been described as user-friendly by our members 
  • The other unique aspect of the app is that the technology behind it is primed for real-time data optimization which should result in better outcomes  
  • AI/Machine Learning will recognize patterns across NovoLiver cohorts and reinforce individual behaviors  
  • This also provides a wealth of data for clinicians to determine even more successful strategies for disease management and enhance ongoing clinical research pertaining to this looming public health crisis  
  • Our program takes a holistic approach to disease reversal which makes it more sustainable and long-lasting  
  • The program blends in seamlessly with the day-to-day activities of members and often addresses the root cause(s) of their disease 
  • Our members have invariably commented on the value they derived from being part of a support group that gets the best out of them in terms of motivation to initiate and sustain their health improvements 
  • Members do not want to discontinue the activities of their cohort even after they have achieved their individual goals 
  • The cohort is designed to be a non-judgmental space where one’s privacy is upheld 
  • Cohort members share hacks, tips, and strategies for success 
  • Features include: 

    1. 16+ Pre-recorded educational videos
    2. Workbooks and transcripts with each educational video
    3. Support groups 
    4. Meal replacement guidance
    5. Daily accountability via the App 
    6. Fitness plans with videos
    7. Cooking demonstrations 
    8. Mindfulness sessions (breathing, meditation) 
    9. Recommended sleep improvement techniques
    10. Access to curated content (podcasts, books, documentaries, educational videos, TED talks relevant to each pillar)